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Anyone familiar with his peerless children's books so: everyone will find it no surprise that Dahl's adult fiction is equally vivid and wicked.

The 10 best short story collections

The stories in Kiss, Kiss are brilliantly taut and unnerving - masterclasses in the form. A pioneering modernist writing in the early 20s, Mansfield was brilliant at dissecting British mores and the class system - probably helped by growing up in New Zealand before moving to the country. She died too young, but left a legacy of brilliant work of which The Garden Party may be the finest.

One of great modern Irish writers, this collection spans five decades of brilliance from O'Brien whose prose style is among the most revered of any living author.

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Her characters range from lonely nuns to single mothers to modern millionaires and are consistently brilliantly. Murakami's collection, his first since his best-selling Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage , comprises of seven tales of men who find themselves alone for various reasons. Each story is centred around the concept of longing or loneliness, and all told with Murakami's unique and illuminating style.

One for long-serving fans and newcomers alike. The titular story is a groundbreaking tale of one woman defying societal convention by leaving her husband to explore her sexuality that saw Chopin vilified in her time, but has since been embraced as a proto-feminist masterpiece.

It is also a fantastically funny and ultimately heartbreaking read, as are the rest in this collection by a strangely underrated author so ahead of her time she was punished for it. Every bit as filthy, funny and provocative as the novel that proceeded it Trainspotting : you may have heard of it? This is one of Britain's best writers in his swaggering pomp, and the result is brilliantly addictive. From the author of the both excellent We Should All Be Feminists and Americanah, this short story collection dissects ties that bind family, lovers and friends.

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In 'The American Embassy', a woman applies for asylum but leaves unable to describe her son's murder in exchange for visa and in 'Tomorrow Is Too Far' a woman unveils the awful secret of her brother's death. Unfashionable though it may be for a men's website to recommend Hemingway these days, 'Papa' was a master of the form and while this collection doesn't include his most famous short stories, The Nick Adam Stories do contain some of his finest nature writing, as well as functioning as a semi-autobiography of his early years growing up in Illinois.

This is Hemingway at his least affected and therefore most joyful to read. This seminal collection with a now infamous title explores the ordinary lives of people in Middle America and the quiet activities that make up their days. Carver demonstrates his incredible ear for dialogue and gift at showing the devastation of heartache in very few words.

Twice Booker Prize nominated writer Sarah Hall explores landscapes both rural and urban in this poetic collection which strays from the erotic to the haunting in looking at nature, humans and animals. It enchanted him, made him feel alive, safe and loved…. Enjoy this story in: English Tamil. Deep within the forest there lives the tallest of all trees.

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They stretch their thick branches full of leaves up into the blue skies and give us oxygen to breathe. Their trunks are very wide and many of these beautiful giants have been in the forest for hundreds of years…. Enjoy this story in: English Portuguese. A traditional tale from the Dreamtime about how the world became warm and light and why dawn is greeted with birdsong.

by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

A long time ago, there were four families who lived in a small village in Somalia. The first family would argue all of the time, the second family were very greedy…. Enjoy this story in: English Somali. Once upon a time, there was a shepherd boy named Asif who lived in a village in one of the many beautiful valleys in Northern Pakistan…. Enjoy this story in: English Urdu. Once upon a time, in a field not too far from you, there was an energetic and happy hare and a sleepy tortoise…. Shirin was still a relatively young girl when her parents sent her away from her home in Tehran to live in a big city in England called London.

Enjoy this story in: English Persian.

16 of the Most Popular Short Story Collections, According to Goodreads

Enjoy this story in: English Turkish. Monkey stood at the edge of the river and watched Turtle swimming against the torrent with a tree that he had caught in the flood: a young tree…. Enjoy this story in: English Filipino. There was once a farmer who had two sons. The older son was selfish and greedy, while the younger son was kind and generous…. Enjoy this story in: Cantonese English Mandarin.

Once upon a time they were both stars up in the night sky…. The sun rises above the Amazon rainforest and the huge, evergreen trees allow rays of light to pass between their leaves and paint the forest floor in dappled shadows….

It is on this night that the legendary Fern Flower blooms somewhere in the forest…. Enjoy this story in: English Polish. A long time ago, a terrible famine hit an ancient animal kingdom.

It had not rained for two whole years and all of the crops were dying…. Enjoy this story in: English Yoruba. Adem has an English mother and a Turkish father. Once there was a beautiful princess who lived with her father in a huge palace. Although the princess was very beautiful she was also very selfish and conceited….