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The Divisions of the Ultimate Truth 4.

NOTHING: The Science of Emptiness

The Definition 4. The Divisions.

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Available as a Google eBook for other eReaders and tablet devices. Click icon below This book is an annotated translation of one of the great Tibetan classics of Mahayana Buddhist thought, mKhas grub rje's sTong thun chen mo. The text is a detailed critical exposition of the theory and practice of emptiness as expounded in the three major schools of Mahayana Buddhist philosophy: the Yogacara, Svatantrika, and Prasangika. Used as a supplement to the scholastic debating manuals in some of the greatest monasteries of Tibet, the sTong thun chen mo is a veritable encyclopedia of Mahayana Buddhist philosophy, dealing with such topics as hermeneutics, the theory of non-duality, the linguistic interpretation of emptiness, the typology of ignorance, logic, the nature of time, and the perception of matter across world spheres.

This book is an indispensable source for understanding the Tibetan dGe lugs pa school's synthesis of the Middle Way Madhyamaka and Epistemological Pramanika traditions of Indian Buddhism. In addition, it is an unprecedented source for the philosophical polemics of fifteenth century Tibet. It brings to sharp relief of the many debates, controversies, and variant interpretations of the key issues.

Some of the elucidations are only found in these Tibetan sources and thus increases the value of this work. The Divisions [Conclusion] 4.

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Available at www. This new book, which includes and integrates pre-modern, modern, and post-modern insights, is not about any particular established religious tradition or sect, is not about a "new age" superstition-based idea or trend, and is not about an ego-based "self awareness" or "self-improvement" program. Order it online at www.

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This book is written for individuals interested in transformational transcendent spiritual development, insight and understanding. These are intended for use by individuals for Tao of Onliness I Ching consultation. Following are excerpts from this book that characterize its content and perspective: "From Onliness perspective, I Ching consultation is an early-stage form of quiet and solitary meditation-contemplation.

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  • Enacted in this way, it can be a means of viewing and better understanding your own intuitive Awareness and Experience. Approached in a peaceful, non-attached, unbiased and open state of mind, I Ching consultation can help you to see into the deeper nature of your own Consciousness.

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    However, Onliness also attempts to honor and include expressions of the mystical and transcendental Wisdom and Compassion from all of the widely recognized major spiritual-religious traditions of the world. There is here no claim that Onliness theory and perspective is in any sense absolute, ultimate, eternal or universal in any pre-given sense. The co-constructed worldspace realm-waves of consciousness discussed in Onliness are developmental and evolutionary in nature, not pre-created, pre-given, pre-designed or pre-ordained.

    All beings are already fully enlightened! It is a message that is essentially the same as has been variously expressed by many other Sages from different mystical spiritual traditions up to the present day.