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MacGinitie , R. MacGinitie , K. Maria , L. Guthrie , Allan Wigfield , Jamie L.

Motivating Reading Comprehension: Concept-oriented Reading Instruction

Metsala , Kathleen E. Allan Wigfield , John T.

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Peder J. Johnson , Timothy E.

Classroom Conditions for Motivation and Engagement in Reading | SpringerLink

Goldsmith , Kathleen W. Pedhazur , Liora Pedhazur Schmelkin. Differentiating instruction for struggling readers within the CORI classroom.

Concept Oriented Reading Instr

Cognitively, the CORI program stresses the learning of conceptual ideas. CORI instruction can take place within the domain of any subject matter at any grade level. Lessons are developed for the express purpose of increasing student engagement. Texts on a topic are made available to the students, and along with strategy instruction and motivational support, deep understanding of a concept develops.

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In keeping with a guided reading model of instruction, lessons were provided for small groups at the struggling reader, on-grade level, and advanced reader levels. Writing and independent reading are part of the CORI program, as is a culminating activity for a unit of study. Teacher training modules, classroom videos, related research articles and books, and research findings in elementary and middle schools on the CORI website www.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction. New York: Guilford Press.

Understanding Teachers as Learners in Reading Comprehension Mentoring

Reading in a Foreign Language, 17, Literacy and science: Each in the service of the other. Science, , Contributions of Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction to knowledge about interventions for motivations in reading. Educational Psychologist, 42, Modeling the relationships among reading instruction, motivation, engagement, and achievement for adolescents.

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Affiliation I am a member of the publication's editorial board and strongly support the publication. Copy me to this email. Authored by: Allan Wigfield , John T. Reading comprehension is a strong predictor of whether children stay in school when the option to drop out at age 16 becomes available to them Finn, Therefore, it is essential for all children to develop the ability to comprehend what they read.