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More often than not, those said to be most adept at delivering the curse are blue-eyed, likely due to the fact that this is a genetic rarity in the Mediterranean area. Though the theory that some possess a more potent glare capable of inflicting harm is quite common in the lore of the evil eye, not all correlate the power with an inherent ill will.

Some cultures view the ability to bestow the curse as an unfortunate burden, a curse in itself.

For instance, Elworthy makes reference to an archaic Polish folk tale that tells of a man whose gaze was such a potent carrier of the curse that he resorted to cutting out his own eyes rather than continuing to spread misfortune to his loved ones. View image of Credit: Getty Images.

Quote by Veronica Roth: “Knowledge is power. Power to do evilor power”

Just how far back do these go? They were in the form of some abstract alabaster idols made with incised eyes. How were these early prototypes of Tell Brak distilled into the more modern versions?

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View image of Credit: Kino. Yildiran makes reference to several blue Eye of Horus pendants excavated in Egypt, asserting that these could in a way be seen as the most influential predecessor to the modern nazar. According to Yildiran, early Turkic tribes held a strong fascination with this shade of blue because of its connections with their sky deity, Tengri, and likely co-opted the use of cobalt and copper as a result.

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The blue evil eye beads underwent a widespread circulation in the region, being used by the Phoenicians, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans and, perhaps most famously, the Ottomans. Though their usage was most concentrated in the Mediterranean and the Levant, through means of trade and the expansion of empires the blue eye beads began to find their way to all different corners of the globe. Although the symbol may have the ability to transcend boundaries — be they cultural, geographical or religious — it may be worth considering its meaning beyond a mere trinket or fashion statement.

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Pages: 21— Pages: 34— Pages: 47— Pages: 61— Pages: 79— Pages: 95— Pages: — He has published various articles on the problem of evil and other subjects. This book forces us to think more deeply than we are typically accustomed to thinking! It holds a high international level and must be considered to be an outstanding work.

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  • Does Power Corrupt Everyone Equally?.
  • The author considers four modern attempts to deal philosophically with the problem of evil. He does so helpfully and clearly, and adds relevant comments of his own. This, in my view, is an excellent creative treatment of the problem which will be very helpful for students as well as for the general reader. The Problem of Evil and the Power of God is a brilliant and very well argued analysis of some of the most important modern Christian theodices.

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    In particular, the author has developed a careful analysis of philosophers like Swinburne, Ward, and Griffin. The book is one of the best accounts of the challenges of modern theodices that presently exists.


    It is also highly readable. Acknowledgements 1. David R.