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The series was shot on location in the English counties of Berkshire , Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Devon for two months from April It was aired in three parts from 1 January in the United Kingdom and attracted an average of 6 million viewers per episode. The first episode also became one of the top ten most streamed programmes on the BBC iPlayer.

Sense and Sensibility garnered mostly positive reviews from television critics, while the cast and crew earned several award nominations for their work. However, John's wife, Fanny Claire Skinner , convinces him to give the family a smaller inheritance than he had intended. While Mrs.

Sense and Sensibility

Dashwood hopes they will become engaged, Fanny informs her that his mother will not approve the match. Dashwood receives a letter from her cousin, Sir John Middleton Mark Williams , offering her a small cottage house on his estate, Barton Park in Devonshire. She and her daughters decide to leave Norland immediately. Brandon instantly falls in love with Marianne, but she believes he is too old for her.

While out walking with Margaret, Marianne falls and twists her ankle. She is rescued by a young man, who carries her back to the cottage. He introduces himself as John Willoughby Dominic Cooper , and states that he will return to check on Marianne the following day.

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Brandon also comes to visit, but upon seeing Willoughby, he quickly departs. Willoughby and Marianne grow close through their mutual love of poetry, and he later takes a lock of her hair. Dashwood and Elinor begin to speculate on whether they have become secretly engaged. Brandon invites the Dashwoods and the Middletons to a party on his estate at Delaford, but before the trip can take place, he is called away on urgent business.

Willoughby requests a private audience with both Mrs. Dashwood and Marianne, leading them both to expect that he will propose. However, Willoughby reveals that his aunt is sending him on business to London, and he may not be able to return to Devonshire for at least a year. Shortly after Willoughby's departure, Edward comes to visit, and the Dashwoods notice that he appears to be unhappy and distant. When Lucy learns that the Dashwoods are acquainted with the Ferrars, Lucy confides in Elinor that she and Edward have been secretly engaged for four years, news that devastates Elinor.

Jennings invites Elinor and Marianne to spend some time with her in London, and Marianne hopes she will see Willoughby.

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However, he does not visit or reply to her letters. During a party, Marianne finds Willoughby, but he barely acknowledges their acquaintance. Marianne later learns that he is engaged to the wealthy Miss Grey and becomes inconsolable. Brandon calls on the Dashwoods and explains to Elinor that Willoughby seduced then abandoned his young ward, Eliza Williams, who has given birth to his child.

Ferrars Jean Marsh learns of Edward's engagement to Lucy and threatens to disinherit him unless he calls it off, but Edward refuses. Brandon later offers him a living on his estate at Delaford, which Edward gladly accepts. While staying with Mrs.

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Jennings' daughter, Marianne goes walking in a storm and collapses. Brandon finds her and brings her home, where she falls seriously ill with a fever. During Marianne's recovery, Willoughby comes to talk with Elinor. He insists that he loved Marianne and would have married her, but he had to marry a rich woman because his aunt disowned him after learning of his behaviour toward Eliza.


After Marianne recovers, the sisters return home and Marianne begins spending time at Delaford, eventually falling in love with Brandon. Elinor learns that Lucy Steele has become Mrs. Ferrars, and assumes that Lucy and Edward have married. Edward then declares his love to Elinor and proposes. They marry, as do Marianne and Brandon. The opening episode of Sense and Sensibility features the moment Willoughby seduces Eliza, a young schoolgirl. I want to put it on the screen. Davies believed that Lee's film did not overcome "the problem of the guys who get the girls not seeming quite good enough", and set out to try to find a way of making them into heroes in his script.

Brandon is seen rescuing people and doing a lot of fast horse riding, while Edward was given a wood-chopping scene where he vents his frustrations about his engagement. In the novel the girls are 19 and 17, so these romantic relationships are real rites of passage for them. Davies commented that he would have liked to have been in charge of the casting. It would distort your work. I thought, it'll be original by virtue of the fact that it's me doing it and there is only one me. Charity Wakefield successfully auditioned for the role of Marianne Dashwood.

I was so excited to be offered the part because I felt that it was a role which I could really attack. I understand her character and feel that we have lots in common.

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David Morrissey portrayed Colonel Brandon. The actor was sent the script by his agent, and he initially questioned whether another Austen adaptation was needed. Sense and Sensibility was shot entirely on location within England, mostly in the counties of Berkshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, and Devon. Set designers took the cottage more firmly into the 19th century, adding a porch at the front as well as dormer windows, fake shutters and an extra chimney.

Wakefield revealed that it rained constantly during filming, often soaking the cast and crew. Cooper added, "I couldn't move and I just kept falling head over heels.

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The Oak Room was also used for the scenes involving Marianne, after she falls sick. The costume designer for Sense and Sensibility was Michele Clapton. To get the sense of colour that they wanted, they had to dye and create a lot of the pieces. After their first meeting, they came up with a colour palette for the whole show.

The "flighty" and "artistic" Marianne wears strong colours compared to Elinor, who has a different personality and complexion.

Sense and Sensibility

Willoughby's wardrobe was designed to reflect his "poetic" and "fashionable" nature, while Fordham believed Edward was more suited to the eighteenth-century rural colours. His clothes were designed to be out of date and firm, using more heathers instead of the rural colours. Now we're trying to achieve a more believable, natural look, especially when the Dashwoods are at home.

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But they give you a feel for the character which is really an advantage to you as an actor. Karen Hartley-Thomas was the hair and make-up designer for the production. Hartley-Thomas also used very little make-up on the men, as she does not like them looking made up. Sense and Sensibility was aired in three parts, with the first shown on 1 January The other two episodes were broadcast on 6 and 13 January. The drama was split into two episodes, which aired on 30 March and 6 April The offer was part of the newspaper's British Classics collection.

The two-disc set also included the BBC's Miss Austen Regrets , as well as commentary and interviews from the cast and crew. The first episode of Sense and Sensibility attracted 5. Sense and Sensibility received mostly positive reviews from critics. However, the Jane Austen Society criticised it for being "too raunchy" and accused Davies of "degrading fine English literature", after he included a seduction scene in the opening episode. It is lowering itself by degrading fine English literature in the battle for ratings. While it is good that it draws people's attention to her works, there is not a lot you can do if someone makes a hash of it.

Melinda Houston, writing for The Age , called Sense and Sensibility "a gorgeous adaptation of her most frivolous work" and added, "It's all beautifully made, beautifully cast, and the script snaps and crackles. Maybe Eleanor [ sic ] isn't quite as flawed as originally drawn but that's unlikely to detract from your enjoyment. But it alters the emotional chemistry, and the result is an adaptation that feels more arid than Mr. Lee's effort.

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Nancy Banks-Smith from The Guardian called Sense and Sensibility "a charmingly domestic and spontaneous treatment of the story", adding that it had become "a younger sister" of Lee's film. Davies and director John Alexander have also taken some liberties by crafting scenes of the men together something Austen herself never did — having the steely Brandon, for example, pull Willoughby aside to question his intentions toward Marianne.

Featuring a top-drawer cast, the filmmakers create several delicate moments — from Willoughby's elegant seduction of Marianne to the stoic Elinor's pining for the elusive Edward who, as played by Stevens, adorably stammers in a Hugh Grant-like way. Serena Davies from The Daily Telegraph praised the first episode, calling it "faithful to the spirit of the book" and stating that the series "deftly stepped out of the shadows of two formidable predecessors: Ang Lee's gorgeous film version of the novel, and scriptwriter Andrew Davies's own masterpiece, Pride and Prejudice.

Nevertheless, it still proved easily good enough to get the costume-drama year off to a hugely enjoyable start. The publication of Sense and Sensibility , when Jane Austen was 35, marked the start of her life as a published novelist. It was not the start of her literary life.