Manual Treasure Chest of Uncommon Baby Names

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Im sorry to tell you like this, you deserve to know. The note from Nies should have put an end to the sleuthing, but it only seemed to spark new clues and paths to investigate. In that vacuum, and in the heated detective atmosphere of the treasure hunt, rumors flew: It was a fight that landed Eric in the water, a scheme to steal the treasure from Eric and leave him behind. The most vexing question remained: If four people had watched a man disappear underwater, why did they wait 10 days to tell anyone?

That delay stoked its own conspiracies. She pleaded for help in finding her brother. Albritton and a cousin made the drive from Florida to Colorado in four days. They arrived in Colorado Springs and checked in to a hotel. Albritton cued up Facebook Live as she approached the car, video streaming—just in case anything happened.

Heart pounding, she grabbed it and sprinted back to their car. When she flipped the book open, she found a handwritten contract between Eric, Nies, and her friends agreeing to share whatever treasure they might find—51 percent for Eric and 49 percent to be split among the others.

29 Uncommon Baby Names We Can Totally Get Behind

Albritton held the contract with a shaky hand. She reported what she had found to the Colorado Springs detectives. Alarmed, Paul flew to Colorado Springs to search for answers. He met with Jenkins, who took him out to the spot on the Arkansas River where Eric had last been seen. Jenkins told him that two photographers had been taking pictures of whitewater rafters that day and called after witnessing a possible drowning.

But there was no way of knowing if the person had been Eric—the victim was unidentified and no body had been found.


The people who were with him had been questioned, but Jenkins had not yet reached any conclusions. Desperate and sleepless, Paul called his brother, an Army specialist, for advice. If no one else could find his son, then Paul wanted to search the rapids himself. A Fremont County coroner later identified the victim as Eric Ashby. After several weeks of investigating—questioning Nies and her friends Jimi Booker and Anthony Mahone, as well as the two photographers who had witnessed the incident—Jenkins and his team pieced together what had happened that day in June.

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They set off toward the river in an old green Jaguar sedan, stopping along the way to buy a cheap, two-person raft. They wound along mountain roads to a parking lot near Royal Gorge Park, where a suspension bridge hovers nearly 1, feet above the Arkansas River. As they watched rafts of tourists careen by, Booker told Jenkins, the current roared higher and faster than they had expected. Sunshine Falls is known for violent Class IV-V rapids, powerful enough to hurl rafters into the choppy water. Eric, who said he had been to the same spot on previous excursions, assured the others that it was still passable.

Eric told them he believed the treasure was on the other side of the river. He planned to float across in the raft, retrieve the box, and bring it back. Despite his insistence that he had plenty of experience whitewater rafting, Eric had taken no helmet or life vest. The rope slipped free from his waist as he was swept away in the fast-moving current.

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He attempted to make it to the other side but plunged underwater. When he hit the next set of rapids, known as the Sledgehammer, he went under again. This time he emerged facedown. He was carried away by the current. From their post a short way downstream, the photographers looked on in horror as the body floated by. They frantically called for help. Booker claimed that he and his friends searched along the shore of the river for half an hour, but the water was too violent. They returned to their car and drove away without waiting for the police to arrive.

Booker told me they took off because they knew the photographers had already called for help and felt there was nothing they could do. People watched it happen. On a rainy weekend in March, I attended an event for Eric at the Barn in Townsend, where Paul still works as a concierge. Pictures of Eric hiking and cooking lined a table alongside a box bearing his cremains. Local country singers performed ballads on the small stage. Jenkins places responsibility on the Searchers. He continues to encourage the treasure hunt.

His prediction, of course, will likely only spur more Searchers to return to the wild. With each new death, the stakes of the search grow higher. Fenn continues to urge his followers to avoid putting themselves in life-threatening situations. This article appears in the August issue. Subscribe now. Related Stories. There are many to choose from. So here are some suggestions. Ragnailt Pronounced rein-ilt The female version of Ragnall. This name was very popular in later medieval Ireland.

A TREASURE CHEST: What Mothers Leave Behind

Eilionora St. Ealanor was an Irish martyr. Although at the time, the version of Eilionora was more popular. Siban Pronounced shiv-an This was adapted from the French Jehane or Jehanne, popular in the 12th century. It became adopted in Ireland by the Anglo-Normans. Siban was a daughter of the third earl of Desmond and wife of Tadg mac Carthaig. One of the many holders of the name was Sadb, daughter of Brian Boru, who died in Names from a foreign country can be a really appealing option.

They're distinctive, often sound beautiful, and are sure to get some interested admirers. Spanish names are no exception. No matter what, these names might just inspire a few excited parents to plan their babymoon in a Spanish-speaking country.

Manual Treasure Chest of Uncommon Baby Names

Should a soon-to-be mom or dad happen to be on the search for a few gems, we've got it covered. Here are some darling Spanish baby names for little girls that any parent will not want to overlook.

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  6. We are obsessed with 11! A baby name that's so good, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes used it twice. Amada is the middle name of their first daughter, Esmeralda, and the first name of their second child. See, you smiled, right? Doesn't an excursion on the water sound heavenly right about now?