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When Grant did begin to dip his toe back into acting, it was not exactly a predictable slate. But the welcome wagon for the Grantaissance had a slow start. Poor old Hugh. Paddington 2. Sequel to a kids film. Both were faded actors, both asked Grant to tap into his tenure as a small-time regional theater Shakespeare player in his 20s, the side of him that he says still recites soliloquies to himself when drunk.

And it will be an awful lot of deep, dense talk about character and motivation and plot. It was a juicy role to say the least, but Grant hesitated. But Frears eventually convinced him. The Thorpe Affair, as it was known, was a scandal that had O. Simpson-level real estate in the British media at the time, and one Grant remembers well from his adolescence. It was also one of the first times that homosexuality was being discussed in a sustained way in mainstream British culture.

What do they do to each other?

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And I also think that his narcissism, which by all accounts was kind of out of control, was a source of unhappiness. Because it stops you from really caring about other people and loving them and feeling embraced.

Grant talks about his family life much like he talks about his political activity—the real stuff, the important counterpoint to everything else. And luckily, they display no talent. It feels personal because it comes from a personal anxiety. But the Overlook as we think of it isn't exactly how it was originally written. As much as Stanley Kubrick's film has woven itself into the fabric of popular culture, there are visuals and story themes featured in his movie that were in direct violation with King's original concept, leading the author to publicly write-off the movie, notoriously calling it "a big, beautiful Cadillac with no engine inside of it.

Most of what has made that movie so iconic -- while also helping to cement Jack Nicholson as a cinematic legend, while permanently scarring his co-star Shelly Duvall, in the process -- are these exact components. And while Mick Garris The Stand , Hocus Pocus did his part to truthfully adapt King's story as a three-part mini-series for ABC in , following closely to the events of the book and adhering to the story's strong familial themes of alcoholism, abuse, and the extent of the Overlook's insidious power all things which Kubrick vaguely glossed over , the movie is the thing most people think of when The Shining is referenced.

Flanagan set out to connect both novels, along with Stanley Kubrick's legendary movie, in what he referred to as an adaptation of the book "that takes place within the cinematic universe that Kubrick established. Let's dive deep into the answer.

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Please don't get lost amid the spoilers -- which are indeed ahead. It may get a bit hedge maze-y in here. During his childhood, both Wendy and Jack gave Danny the nickname of "Doc.

What's most interesting, though, is the way in which this nickname evolves with Danny's identity as he gets older. After taking it upon himself to get sober, Dan takes this job not knowing that his "shine" would come in handy. All these years of drinking and doing drugs to numb the voices and it just takes one fateful night with a dying patient to bring the positives of his power into focus. His road to recovery is assisted by this new purpose he's given, helping the elderly patients in this facility pass away peacefully, without fear or pain.

And it's here that, once again, Dan Torrance is lovingly referred to as "Doc.

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In the book, he fleshes out their emotional wants and physical needs, making them more than just evil, semi-immortal child murderers. In fact, in King's text, Rose starts hunting Abra for her power not just out of ravenous greed, but because her group began dying off due to consuming steam from a victim infected with the Measles virus. Measles isn't mentioned at all in Flanagan's movie, which is probably for the best.

At a running time of 2 hours and 31 minutes, it seems you can only pack so many details into such an undertaking before it becomes too much to bear. Even without the little details that helped fully develop these characters in the book, Flanagan does a fantastic job in bringing these monsters to life, giving them a hint of morality, making them almost feel a bit empathetic.

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After all, they're just trying to survive. But yes, they hunt children. And yes, they were not far from the Overlook Hotel in when all the ax-wielding chaos transpired. Somehow they missed Danny back then.

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Could the haunted structure have blocked their view of the boy? The third act of Flanagan's Doctor Sleep is where the story takes a drastic deviation from King's original source material. You see, in King's version of The Shining , as well as in Mick Garris' mini-series, the haunted hotel gets burnt to the ground at the story's end. But it was left in-tact in Kubrick's movie. Taking some creative license, Flanagan does his best to meld King's Shining finale with his sequel story, bookending all the events that transpire throughout both novels, while maintaining the film's signature Kubrickian aesthetic.

In the movie, this means Abra and Dan, along with his best friend Billy Cliff Curtis , stage their showdown with Rose's crew at some park in the middle of nowhere. This change works… kind of. Adding the Overlook as a looming character in Doctor Sleep presents the idea of closure to Dan's own childhood trauma, and a bit of fan service to audiences everywhere, but the park sequence where each of Rose's minions are gunned down feels a bit cheap, as if it undercuts the whole story being told.

That said, we can't honestly see how Doctor Sleep , in its current cinematic form, could successfully exist without the hotel appearing in some sort of context. It's poetic, really. Kubrick may have left the structure standing, but all these years later, Flanagan put Dan in Jack's shoes, igniting the building after his big confrontation with Rose -- and the building's spirits which he unleashed from the lockboxes in his mind -- putting the hotel out of its misery, while succumbing to his death in the fiery bowels of the boiler room.